For Sufferers Of Hamstring, Quad, Groin, Calf, and Glute Strains...

"This May Be the Key To Finally Fixing Your Leg Muscle Strains And the Frustrations That Go with Them"

Dear Friend

My name is Sean Cassidy and if you’re anything like me, you’ve suffered all types of leg muscle strains… a pulled hammy, a torn quad, a tweaked calf, a niggle in the glute.

Different spots – but, they’re all related, they’re all predictable and fortunately, they’re all preventable… which you may find hard to believe if you’re currently struggling with a leg muscle strain of one variety or another.

As of these keystrokes on my laptop, I’m 46 years old – not young, not old… middle of the road.

Back when I was a young athlete with a desire to be the best I could be, in the sport I played – I trained hard. Too hard in hindsight. And not that smart.

I didn’t know any better.

Though I should have, or at least you would think I should have known better.



Shows people how to

end the frustration of

recurring leg muscle


You see, by this time I’d completed my degree in Human Movement Science (Sport & Exercise Science). Despite this, I had learnt nothing about what caused, how to prevent, or how to fix leg muscle strains.

I was clueless and I suffered for it. I endured the frustration of multiple leg muscle strains, over multiple years… until I quit.

Sadly, little, if anything has improved regarding this situation for graduates of Exercise Science Degrees. And don’t think that allied health degrees (physiotherapy, podiatry, osteopathy or chiropractic) equip their students any better.

They don’t.

To use some “academic” language – leg muscle strains are a multi-factorial problem.

A puzzle.

They’re poorly understood.

Most research looks at a few pieces of the puzzle, without being able to put them together and see the “full picture”.

As a result, the subsequent rehab protocols and training interventions (more geek language)  address one or two pieces of the puzzle, without getting all the pieces locked in together.

Leg muscle strains are a puzzle
– which can be solved… once you know how!

You must know how the pieces interlock and relate in order to solve the puzzle.

The difficulty lies in how each piece of the puzzle, can negatively affect other pieces of the puzzle. You could get one or two pieces right, then mess up a third piece and it throws it all out of whack. 

Anyway, before I quit my quest to become the best I could be in my sport (I was no world beater by the way, but I trained hard and wanted to improve), I was at a stage if I thought about running, I’d be at risk of blowing my hammy or tearing my quad. 

I was strong, I was fit, I ate well, yet I still couldn’t string a few games or training sessions together without tweaking something. 

Then after each “new” strain, I’d do the usual R.I.C.E. I was sick and tired of ice and compression bandages! 

I was sick and tired of watching my fitness gains disappear as I was forced to “rest”. I was sick and tired of trudging along and forking over more cash to one type of ther-agghhh-pist or another… I tried them all.

I started out with the conventional: physiotherapist; osteopaths; chiropractors; massage therapist and podiatrist. I’ve seen them all, used them all. Even tried some borderline “witch doctor” types… I was desperate!

While there are some very good ones, they are few and far between and you’ve probably got a better chance of winning first division in Powerball than coming across a good “therapist” for your body. They know pieces of the puzzle, but they typically are missing one or two bits, or they don’t know how to combine them. 

The other thing with most therapist is their “business” model – you know the 15-30-minute appointment times they’re forced into these days; they simply don’t have the time to help you to the best of their ability. 

Not to mention their fees and ongoing cost… on some levels it’s not in their best interest to solve your problem. 

It’s bad for business. 

They need you to come back again, and again, and again. 

They breed a cycle of dependence …

Chiropractors are the worst at this in my opinion… which reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry takes George to see his “chiro”:

George walked out of the doctor’s office looking puzzled – “So how was it?”, asked Jerry.

“I was in there for two minutes. He didn't do anything: touch this - feel that, $75 bucks”, replied George.

“Well, it’s a first visit”, said Jerry.

"Well, its 75 bucks. What, am I seeing Sinatra in there? Am I being entertained? I don't understand this”, said George.

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience to George.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to a therapist, I want results.

Therapist, can and do have their place (I know some good ones and occasionally use their services), though you have to know how to use their skills and what you want to use them for.  If you don't already have a sports doctor, I strongly recommend you get yourself one if you can.

Recurrent muscle strains are frustrating. The first time you do it, you think it’s a one-off thing… until you do it multiple times.

Then it becomes embarrassing.

I knew my coaches and teammates talked about me behind my back. They thought I was soft. They would jokingly say that I should be wrapped in cotton wool.

Eventually, the frustration and embarrassment of suffering recurrent leg muscle strains and the lost time and money that go along with it were too much…

I Quit.

At that point I decided to put my “university degree” to use and become a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

I started out with the lower grades in team sports (mostly football codes).

It’s funny when you think about it – it’s akin to letting the lunatic loose to run the asylum.

Seriously, think about it... 

I couldn’t string a few games or training sessions together without getting injured, then suddenly, I was involved with training athletes to help them be the best they could be.

Admittedly when I first started, I was more often than not implementing a programme designed by the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, but as I gained more experienced, I trained higher level teams, ultimately training 1st Grade Professional Teams playing in National Competitions.

This allowed me to travel and work in Australia, Japan and England, along with a visit to France with one of those teams.

As I rose up through the coaching “ranks”, I was learning bits and pieces of what it takes to fix, recover from and ultimately prevent leg muscle strains, but some of the athletes I trained were still suffering from them. 

As a side note, judging from how many professional athletes these days you see in the news with a torn hamstring, calf strain or quad issue, the problem has only got worse (I have my thoughts on why).

With all the money, expertise and time available for training & recovery for professional athletes… if they’re still suffering these injuries (in epidemic numbers), then what hope do amateur and recreational athletes have?

What hope do YOU have?

Fortunately, I came across a world class expert in the Physical Preparation of elite athletes (including Olympians, World Champions and Title Holders… he was truly a pioneer. 

I already could help athletes increase their size, strength, endurance, speed, etc. however I wasn’t great at helping them to recover from and prevent injuries.

Sadly, “most” training methods and how they are used, can increase the likelihood of athletes suffering injuries.  And in the case of running sport athletes, leg muscle strains are often a by-product of inappropriate training or errors in the training process.

Hamstring pulls, quad strains, glute niggles, torn quads and pulled groin muscles are likely the result of your training.

The good news is they can be fixed

The “guru” (which he genuinely is one – not one of the modern fakes), taught me what contributes to leg muscle strains, how to analyse the body, how to view the different effects (positive and negative) of the different types of training, then how to go about correcting the body and improving the quality of training to recover from and be free of leg muscle strains.

It’s a complex problem, with relatively simple solutions (that few people know).

While simple… simple does not always mean easy, so if you’re after a “silver bullet”, you’ll be sadly disappointed no matter where you look. There isn’t one!

From that point onwards, I was better able to help the elite athletes I worked with.

The Young Athlete, The Coach, The Older Athlete

As a young athlete I suffered the frustration of recurrent leg muscle strains, as a coach I was ultimately able to help athletes overcome and avoid them, and then… despite knowing better as a middle aged endurance athlete I went through a spate of hamstring niggles and calf muscle strains.

I like to run, and ride.  Both road and trail.  I have way too many pairs of running shoes and not enough bikes.  I’ve competed in ultra-trail races from 50km-100km and I’ve completed a couple of single day 300km road bike rides. 

There’s an “emotional” component to recovering from and avoiding leg muscles strains that few people talk about… despite knowing better, I trained when I knew I shouldn’t have, and on occasion I progressed my training too quickly (crossing my fingers as I treaded the fine line) and I neglected doing the other things that I already knew I needed to do in order to prevent leg muscle strains.

You may have made similar mistakes.

I paid the price each time I got impatient.  Knowing what to do and not doing it, is effectively the same as not knowing at all.

I’ve learnt that a 45 year old body is not a 25 year old body and a 65 year old body is different again. 

As you age, there are changes within your body that you need to adjust for in your training.  It generally takes you longer to recover from training sessions and competitions.  If you're age is north of 25, by 1, 2, 3 or 4 decades, you'll know this already.

I trained hard when I was younger, then once I got into coaching, I let my own training go by the wayside.  By the time I got into running again (I ran as a kid), I was around 42, and I’d gone nearly half that time without any serious, consistent training.

The point of my story is, I’ve experienced leg muscle strains from different vantage points (young athlete, coach, older athlete), I’ve worked with and learnt from some of the best people in the world at addressing leg muscle strains and I’ve picked the brains of some top notch physical therapist, podiatrist, osteopaths, massage therapist and sports doctors.  I’ve even delved into the psychology of injuries.

I spent a bunch of money with chiropractors and other than a reduced bank account, I never got much benefit from the “back cracks” they traded for my money. 

To recover from and rid yourself of any further leg muscle strains and pains, and to begin enjoying training and competing injury free… you don’t have to spend years learning, nor suffer any further frustration or embarrassment.  You also don’t need to spend thousands of dollars like I did to learn how to successfully combine the pieces that solve the leg muscle strains puzzle. 

Without knowing you, your injury history, training history, body composition, strength, flexibility and any one of other possible variables that may impact on your potential for leg muscle strains, I can’t be 100% certain that my approach will work for you.

My experience over the years and the success my approach has had, gives me good reason to be confident that my approach to fixing and recovering from leg muscle strains & pain will likely help you. Certainly, help you more than what you’ve tried so far.

Your Muscle Strain Problems Can Be Fixed

*  If you've got a therapist or trainer who just focuses only on the site of the injury... sack em now! I wasted so much time and money the same way.

*  If you really want to be rid of these rubbish injuries, you've got to get rid of the cause... not just cover up the symptom.

In 2004 I put together a guide called “No Muscle Strains” – How To Recover From and Be Free of Leg Muscle Strains & Pains. I’ve recently put together “No Muscle Strains 2.0” to accompany the original.

I want to share with you the practical strategies needed to fix any leg muscle strain problem and to prevent any further strains. I've gathered these strategies over the last 26 years as an athlete and coach.

These strategies are designed to:

  • Fix any current leg muscle strains and prevent any further ones.
  • Improve your posture so you look better, feel better and move better.
  • Keep your joints healthy so you can move freely, without pain.
  • Improve how your muscles work - increasing your strength, protecting your joints and breaking the pain cycle.
  • Save you money, time and effort that you currently spend on band-aid solutions.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist or orthopedic surgeon to understand, learn and apply these strategies.

Here's What You’ll Discover Inside “No Muscle Strains”

  • Why these injuries can “sneak up” on you – then cut you down quickly (page 12)
  • What the single greatest cause of improvement for all sporting success is (page 13)
  • How your body easily gets out of balance while you’re at home (greatly increasing your chance of injury page 14)
  • How what you do when you’re not moving, affects how you move!
  • What these two experts agree on (it’s killing your lower body page 15)
  • This picture tells the story (page 17)
  • The King & Queen destined to fix your problems (it’s not Elvis and Madonna, Chapter 4, page 20)
  • The muscle “diagnostic” tool that Charlie Francis (Ben Johnson’s coach) learnt from Percy Duncan… this will let you know if you’re ready to run or not (page 22)
  • What clues did Charlie’s muscles give away that he was not ready to run (page 23)
  • According to “The Master”, this is the most important of all physical qualities – neglect this at your own peril (page 24)
  • How developing “this” – will have you knowing your body better than ever before (knowing your body is crucial if you are to put an end to leg muscle strains page 25)
  • Don’t waste your time with this type of stretching (page 29)
  • If, and when to stretch – the answer may surprise you (it has the scientist confused page 32)
  • How to receive an effective massage that your muscles will thank you for (page 41)
  • A quick test to instantly determine if any treatment is working for you (this will save you from wasting your time and money page 43)
  • Are your abs and glutes doing their jobs correctly? (page 46)
  • If you lift weights, this is how to do it (page 48)
  • Are you overdoing this group of exercises? (page 52)
  • How to “align” your body to lower your risk of injury (page 55)
  • These five areas are crucial if you want to avoid injury trouble (page 58)
  • Discover what’s missing in traditional strength testing… and what you need to do instead (page 59)
  • What to do if you identify a weakness in your body (page 60)
  • Are your muscles “prematurely” restricting your movement (page 61)
  • Why you want the same hands regularly touching you (page 64)
  • The essential posture table to quickly discover and correct your major flaws (page 65)
  • How the pain you can’t feel is already leading you to long term pain…stop this before it becomes a major problem (page 67)
  • Why the space between your joints matters (page 69)
  • The worse time to use ice… (page 71)
  • The slow approach to the fastest recovery (page 73)
  • These two supplements for healthy joints have stood the test of time (page 74)
  • If you’re not on anabolic steroids you’re probably training too much (page 75)
  • A little S&M will allow you to “safely” train more (page 77)
  • Why repetition can kill (page 78)
  • The 7 keys to reducing your injury potential (page 80)

Unfortunately, it appears to me that not many other people know the strategies I teach, or if they do, they don’t use them... because I continue to see too many muscle strains.

I want to help you avoid going through what I did, I don’t want you to ever strain a muscle again. Life is too short to miss out on your sport & favourite activities because of injuries.


"If you love to compete like I do, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of “No Muscle Strains” today. Not only did Sean Cassidy’s fantastic book help me to recover from a hamstring injury in record time, it also provides solid proactive advice to prevent future muscle problems.
I highly recommend “No Muscle Strains” to anyone who wants to stay active for life."

–– Joel Miller
Studio City, CA

"Thanks Sean,
Your No Muscle Strains really helped me this past weekend. I was having issues with my sciatic nerve and hamstring and had to do a police agility test. I was worried about the 1.5 run due to these issues.
With the help of your info I got some really good ideas that helped me fly through my test. I am looking forward to my cycling race season that is starting soon for me not having to worry about strains and pains.
Thanks again."

–– Chris Lysy
East Auroa, NY 14052

"The biggest benefit so far from your "No Muscle Strains" guide, is the wealth of knowledge I have gained in actually learning how to tune my body and listen to my body for the ultimate performance.
I am an avid soccer player. After reading your program and deciding to give it a try I can already see significant improvement even though it has not even been a week.
Thank you for the great advice and the follow-up email with a personal touch was great."

–– Steve Casey
Orlando, Florida

"I am back on the ATP tour and my hamstring is 100% fully recovered.  I will actually be down in Australia, Melbourne for the Aussie Open in the end of the January. Thanks for all of your help Sean."

–– Michael Russell
ATP Tour Player - Tennis
Ponte Vedra Beach
Florida, USA

"Hi Sean,
Thank you for your book "No Muscle Strains". I am 44 years old and I play tournament softball. I recently pulled a hamstring muscle (with bruising) on a Monday before a tournament. Now this is the 10th time since I was about 37 years that I have done this and I am really tired of it yet I do not want to stop playing softball. So a day or 2 later I was searching on the web for hamstring help and I ran into your website where
I purchased your book and followed your instructions. I made the  tournament and played 3 games; first as a designated hitter, 2nd as catcher and the 3rd as an outfielder with little hinderance.
Now I nornally take at least 2 weeks off after a pull so I thank you for your information which helped me get back to the ballpark so quickly!

–– Michael

"Dear Sean,
I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I found your web site and followed your program.
For 35 years I have had problems with my hamstrings, regardless of my efforts to stay in top shape by constantly working out and always stretching before any competition. Come to find out I was doing the wrong exercises and not enough stretching.
I am 52 years old and just completed a wonderful summer playing very competitive baseball with young men that are half my age.
Besides performing so well, I was able to run full speed without ever having to grab the back of my legs due to excruciating pain.
In fact I just returned from Phoenix Arizona where I played in the 38 and over division of the Mens Senior Baseball League World Series. It was very rewarding to be able to help my team make it to the semi-finals, even if we ended up losing. I had a batting average of 429, scored 10 times, had 7 RBI's and was on base 16 for 24 and no pulled hammy.
I would never have been able to do this if it wasn't for you.
What is even more exciting is how much I am looking forward to next year.

–– Joe D'Agostino
Grand Island, N.Y.
(between Buffalo and Niagara Falls)

“No Muscle Strains” is NOT for everyone!

For starters, it’s not free, so if you’re one of those freebie seekers, want something for nothing kind of people, best you leave now.

Also, my approach does involve some work – most things in life do. There’s no silver bullet, or no popping a magic pill to make your troubles disappear. You have to actively maintain your body, anyone telling (or selling you) anything else is full of it!

Also, my approach involves "educating" you and getting you to think clearly about your body and injury problems.  I do my best to give you my way of thinking about leg muscle strains and how to fix and eliminate them.  This is not a "checklist" or "blueprint" approach.  

It's also does not include fancy formatting, flashy graphics or professional photographic stunts - I'm a pragmatic guy and I prefer substance over style.

You've been warned.

“No Muscle Strains” is for people who want to take back control of their body and get back to enjoying their training, competing and playing ***once Coronavirus is under control***

OK, if you’re still here, you’re the type of person I like to help and work with.

Let’s get to it…

When you grab your copy of “No Muscle Strains” today, you’ll also get a copy of “No Muscle Strains” 2.0. While the human body hasn’t changed since writing the original, science has provided a few new clues to help… along with a few “Red Herrings” to throw you off the correct path (not all science is good science). Anyway, here’s what’s inside “No Muscle Strains 2.0”:

  • Who said "Sports scientist are really sports historians"... and why that's important to you.
  • Sighhh-ence and Stretching - How sighhh-ence has taken a turn for the worse and is leading you (and most other athletes - recreational & professional) down the wrong path and what you can do to correct it.
  • Novak Djokovic destroys the so called "Evidence Based" sighhh-ence... follow his lead and be amazed at your results
  • How a "mental trip" to Lisbon, Portugal returned the hard-core scientific evidence supporting my underutilised, poorly understood, controversial approach to stretching, that you can use to protect your hamstrings and give your sprinting ability a boost (legally).
  • Gymnastics, Ballet & Muscle Damage - what science can finally tell you that will give you new found freedom of movement... without the need of the Chinese gymnastics coach I witnessed brutalising a young body to "give" them the elite flexibility they needed.
  • The 9 word training motto I discovered from diving into the world of a hand-standing, back bending, arrow shooting contortionist... when you follow these 9 words you will gain both sides of the equation to a high performing body. 
  • What even the great Ray Charles could see about gymnast and ballet dancer - a little more of this and you'll feel like dancing and back flipping to show it off.
  • The down side of doing the "in-thing" for hamstring injury prevention... and how you can counteract it and get the best of both worlds.
  • How the "Opposite Effect" can destroy your body and negate any benefits you get from your training.
  • The strange (and totally unexpected) connection between Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, endurance training and running related injuries.  These pyramid will simplify endurance training and have you look at the cause of your injuries from a different perspective.
  • The exotic poem from the man who 29 years ago predicted a sub-2 hour marathon, that gives you the proven formula for success for world class endurance.
  • Are the shoes you wear likely to contribute to running related injuries? The answer goes against what shoe companies have been telling you for years... and it will upset many podiatrist.
  • Why "Smart Athletes" do DUMB things!  Use this to improve your emotional control, which will then help in reducing your risk of injury and provide you with a solid "mental platform" to safely return to sport and training following injury.
  • How an old-school approach to training fighter pilots helped Usain Bolt become the world's fastest man.  Tapping into this will take the shackles off and allow you to perform at your best while reducing your incidence of back pain and leg muscle strains.
  • The 4 Muscle Villains you have to watch out for... control these and you win the war.
  • How a Sports Doctor saved me from a 13 month recurring calf muscle nightmare.  Three smart physical therapist and two quality podiatrist completely missed it.  If you've got a recurring muscle niggle that you can't get rid of, this may be the cause.  It's a problem that's not well documented, though some estimate it's the likely culprit for putting an end to any sport or physical activity that involves running for those with this problem.

As far as cost go, what has it cost you financially and emotionally each time you strained something?

Doctors, physical therapy, chiropractor and podiatry bills quickly rack up. My hope is to save you wasting further dollars and to get better use out of any money you do invest with a competent therapist (you’ll learnt what an incompetent therapist is, so you can avoid them). And, remember, the #1 risk factor for a muscle strain, is a previous muscle strain. Therefore, these injuries, if left unchecked, come back again and again and again – you need to end that cycle.

Also, it’s probably safe to say, your therapist doesn’t offer to refund your money if their treatment doesn’t work for you… am I right?

Well, things are different for you with “No Muscle Strains”… it comes with a plain and simple guarantee.

If you don’t agree it’s a worthwhile investment of your time and money – while I can’t give your time back, you’ll have 12 months to get your money back.  No questions asked, no love lost.   Email or phone me - ask and I’ll process a refund within a few days.

If you’re one of those modern low-life types who go about getting things, with the intention of immediately getting a refund, best you don’t waste your time or mine… because you have to do something to get the results from “No Muscle Strains” and I’ve found low-life types don’t commit to doing anything because they’re too busy chasing the next bright shiny object that catches their attention.

Anyway, “No Muscle Strains”, including the original, 2.0 and the 12-month guarantee,  is $47 US.  You've probably already wasted more than that with a variety of ther-agghhh-pist.

It’s instantly downloadable, so you get “No Muscle Strains” right away to begin fixing your muscle strain problem without having to wait for it to arrive in the post.

In addition, for a limited time, I’d also like to offer you a one-shot Email Consultation Question (this offer may not be available for much longer).  My full “Training Troubleshoot” consultation is $250 (it’s a complete dive into your training history, injury history, training plan, challenges and goals - it's not available to everyone).

Your free email consultation question is an opportunity to check you're on the right track or seek clarification on a specific point.  You may have one or two specific questions after going through "No Muscle Strains" and “No Muscle Strains 2.0”.  This gives you the opportunity to ask those questions and get my input.

Your email consultation is valid for 3 months (remember, this offer may not be available for much longer).

As I’ve only recently added “No Muscle Strains” 2.0, it may bring up some questions that I haven’t been asked before, so I want to hear what new questions it brings up (there aren’t many questions I haven’t heard when it comes to muscle strains).  Once I hear what new questions come up, the free email consultation bonus disappears. 

When working with elite athletes, I delved into aspects of human behaviour and discovered that to get people to do what is good for them (I believe “No Muscle Strains” may be good for you), they need a push. Even elite athletes, who you think would always be highly motivated, need a push so they don’t procrastinate on what they need to do.  Anyway, I'm getting close to pulling the pin on offering this bonus email consultation so best jump to it, if you don’t want to miss out.

Don't wait because leg muscle strains certainly become harder to fix the longer you suffer with them.


Here’s a recap of what you get today:

  • “No Muscle Strains” – the original
  • “No Muscle Strains 2.0”
  • Bonus Email Consultation ($30 value)
  • Plain & Simple 12 month money back guarantee (no questions, no love lost)

Sorry there’s no “Steak Knives” on offer, but as steak is muscle, if you don’t fix yours, you may want a steak knife to cut out your problem muscle (apologies for my corny sense of humour).  Save yourself from that pain and get started with “No Muscle Strains” today.

Here's to your quick recovery and injury free life to come

S. Cassidy

Sean Cassidy

  Don't Just Take My Word For It

Read What These People

Who Suffered With Problems Similar To Yours

 Have To Say About "No Muscle Strains"

Sean, I just want to report in and tell you that I was able to go the distance in my marathon in Chicago, yesterday, 10-9-04. I didn't achieve the time that I was hoping for but considering that I had to cut way back on training for three weeks beforehand, and going into the race, not at all sure I would be able to finish, I guess I am feeling good about the effort.
This was my 7th marathon and for 18 miles, I was right on my time splits. The crash came at around 18-19 miles and I just slogged my way to the finish line.
Here is the main reason why I am emailing you. My injured hamstring, for which I contacted you, did not hamper my effort.

I think that though this was a set back for this years race, I will benefit in the future.

Bob Warn

Waukesha, WI 53186

While I'm not an athlete, I have been making the rounds of chiropractors, acupuncturist and massage therapist with some very sore hip muscle issues. I have had limited success with them and was searching the internet and found your book.   I finally have had more relief than I have had from my previous therapy!! Thanks for your book/photos/suggestions!! I am a 52 yr. old woman, out of shape, but wanting to live pain free.
Thanks again

Selma Steinhilber

Overland Park, Kansas

Great news
I was suffering from a hamstring problem which was going to rule me out of running in the Belfast Marathon Relay Team for Tear Fund.
Your information worked wonders over three days, to allow me to complete 5 miles with no pain or aftereffects.
Thank-you very much

Stephen Knox

Northern Ireland

Your publication is excellent. My husband and I read it and then sent it on to our son, a football player (running back) at Wyoming who has been having a hamstring problem. He hopes to be released today for practice. Although none of us are physical therapists or anything of the sort, your advice seems very reasonable and sound.

Catherine Renshaw

Odell, Nebraska


Hi Sean, I cant tell you how gratefull i am for all the time you have taken for a total stanger. You sound like a very special person, and I think your knowledge is incredibly on the money. I have on a lower scale become an expert on my injuries because i have been to so many specialists.
By the way I have always loved Australia, because i met some of the best people in my tennis travels who were from sydney. Great sportsman who knew how to have a great time!
Well mate thats about all for now, so get back to me, we'll end these hamstring problems and get me back on the senior tour."
All the best, Steve.

Steve Siegel

Tennis Pro, New York

Sean, I can tell you that everything you sent made good sense to me. I pulled my hamstring 3 times in the September to December period when I never had any hamstring pulls in my life up to that point. At 50 years old I still enjoy playing in our city squash league and this certainly put a damper on that.
Since I have had some chronic achilles problems since my rugby days in my 20's & 30's I did not need additional aggravations. Following your program is allowing me to play pain free. I have not had any hamstring pulls and my achilles are probably the best they have felt in years.
All I can say is thanks and keep up the good work.

Gordon Lister

Victoria, British Columbia

Sean, I have to admit that I read through your book. What a difference!
I have not only seen a dramatic increase in my flexibility, but also my knee isn't hurting.
I ran for 25 minutes on Thursday, Did weight lifting on Friday, Mountain Biked on Saturday, took off on Sunday and I ran this morning for 25 minutes - All pain free!
So anyway, I am really enjoying this new sense of freedom... Please let me know what you think.

Spike Cook

Turnersville, NJ

Sean, Thanks for the note.
Ryan played over the weekend - a top of the table game - winning, in the end, comfortably 8 -3. Tough game though, very demanding physically.
This morning for the first time in a long time he has suffered no reaction (soreness etc) in the groin or quads and only the slightest of aches in his hamstrings, which we had identified as the next area for attention (they are a little tight).

Regards and thank you for your assistance and guidance.

- Another Message from Matthew
I really do feel like a weight is being lifted from my shoulders as I gain a better understanding of this subject and can see the improvement in Ryan.

Matthew Inskip

Portsmouth, UK

Sean, I've got some really great stories to tell about my experiences at the White Sox Fantasy Camp last week in Tuscon, Arizona. Well, as a 57 year-old, I played two 7 inning games a day for 5 straight days with no hamstring strains. I also went to the White Sox trainer for a quad & hasmstring massage & he said he felt no knots. Sean thank you, it really worked for me! With your injury fixing & prevention regimen, I'm expecting to play summer baseball (27 game seasons) for at least the next 5 years.
In addition to mingling and playing with some ex White Sox greats such as Harold Baines, Tom Paciorek, Donn Pall, Kevin Hickey, Bill Melton. Bobby Thigpen, & Ron Kittle to name a few, Aaron Rowand, a current White Sox star helped us as well. Also, the Chicago Bears "punky QB" Jim McMahon the quarterback for the 1985 Super Bowl Champions was one of the 96 campers that participated. I had a great time that was truly enhanced by not having to deal with injuries.
Thanks again!!

Greg Klabisch

Greg Klabisch

P.S.  On the last day of the camp we played against the ex White Sox stars & I was fortunate enough to get hits off of Donn Pall & Kevin Hickey in my two at bats and because they are so competitive, they were not letting up on the campers.

For me personally, I think your no muscle pull guide pretty much sums up the causes of all the problems I always had when competing. I've been putting your stretches and overall methodology to use for about three days now and it's already provided a tremendous amount of relief. I can't wait to see how I feel weeks and months from now.

Marc Kallick

Redondo Beach, California

Hello Sean. I have purchased your information - and I have read the entire document. EXCELLENT STUFF!! WOW. I'm a converted believer and will be incorporating this into all my fitness routines.

Gene Nacey

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